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Saving the Planet - one butterfly at a time.

Butterflies across the country need our help!

There is increasing evidence showing that the number of pollinators is declining. Populations of bees and butterflies are a reflection of the health of the country's landscape. Is our environment on life support?

Do you remember seeing more butterflies and bees as a child than you have lately?

This worrisome decline of these species indicates we need to take action NOW to improve the health of our environment.

Along with bees and birds, butterflies pollinate the world’s flowering plants. Healthy pollinators are an essential part of a strong ecosystem.

A Native American Proverb states it best: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

How sad it will be if we don't protect our environment. All that will remain are photographs of the beautiful creatures we failed to save. Mankind's use, or more accurately, misuse of resources has claimed their natural habitats. We need to work to replenish what we've taken. It's time for us to rebuild their homes.

Step One......Plant butterfly-friendly plants in your yard. PESTICIDE FREE!

If you do not have a yard, consider a container garden outside. If that is not an option, support one of the many organizations that work towards improving our greenspace. Purchases through this site help sponsor new Butterfly

Gardens in Sarasota Florida.

Let's save our beautiful butterfly at a time.



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