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Butterfly enclosures from Sarasota Butte

Sponsors are a key piece in allowing us to continue creating events that benefit our local community's children and seniors. These events provide education, emotional therapy, and a unique experience. We welcome individual and corporate sponsorships to help fund these events. Those that sponsor, if they wish, will be highlighted here on our website and at any events that are funded by their sponsorships.

We welcome, among others, individuals, civic groups, charitable organizations, PTAs, service groups, and home school groups to donate or sponsor programs!

Intrinsic value

  • Butterflies and moths are intrinsically valuable and are worthy of conservation in their own right.

  • Butterflies and moths are part of Life on Earth and an important component of its rich biodiversity.

  • They have been around for at least 50 million years and probably first evolved some 150 million years ago.

  • Butterflies and moths are a highly diverse group comprising over 250,000 species and make up around one quarter of all named species.

  • Butterflies are flagship species for conservation in general, and in particular for invertebrates.


Educational value

  • Butterflies and moths have fascinating life-cycles that are used in many countries to teach children about the natural world. The transformation from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis is one of the wonders of nature.

  • Other educational aspects include the intricate wing patterns and iridescence, and as examples of insect migration


Health value

  • People enjoy seeing butterflies both around their homes and in open nature.

  • Over 10,000 people record butterflies and moths in the US alone, involving getting outside and walking considerable distances. Over 850 sites are monitored each week in the US and collectively volunteers have walked the equivalent of the distance to the moon counting butterflies.

  • Several hundreds of thousands of people garden for wildlife, many of them specifically for butterflies.

Children's Butterfly Experience with Sar
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