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Our Story

Butterflies add enchantment and wonder to our lives

At Sarasota Butterflies, we provide butterfly encounter experiences to Senior Living Residences, classrooms, and homeschooling environments, providing a way to watch the magic happen. We provide butterfly releases along with enclosures to watch the miracle of

metamorphosis right before our eyes: from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to beautiful butterfly.


Each encounter brings joy

Each release helps the environment repopulate the dwindling numbers of butterflies, one

beautiful and amazing butterfly at a time. Sarasota Butterflies was created as a way to

share this experience and provide access to all things Butterfly.

The founder of Sarasota Butterflies shared her love of butterflies with her mother, who was living in an Assisted Living residence.  She was able to see how transflormative butterfly encounters were to the residents.  This began her start in raising butterflies for encounters at Senior and Memory Care residences. 

Now she regularly holds classes on Native Florida Butterflies and the life cycle of butterflies for school children and seniors.


 Sarasota Butterflies was created by Susan Morris.

Susan began her journey to become an amateur lepidopterist (a specialist in the study of butterflies and moths), 25 years ago and butterflies have remained her passion. She is a member of the IABES (International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers), IBBA (International Butterfly Breeders Association), Southern Lepidopterists, The Lepidopterist Society, NABA, and the Sarasota County Butterfly Club.

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