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If you build it they will come !

An adaptation of the line from the Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones movie Field of Dreams. I love that movie ! This applies not just to baseball fields, but to butterfly gardens as well.

Now that the kids are out of school for the summer, why not try a very simple, very rewarding project; create a butterfly garden.

Planting a garden to attract butterflies is one of the best ways to get your kids interested in nature, and gardening. Plus you can sneak in a little bit of science at the same time.

I always suggest starting small. You can add butterfly plants to existing spaces or create a separate garden area especially for the kids. The size of the garden is up to you; even a container garden will hold enough flowers to attract a few butterflies. You should locate your garden in the sun. Butterflies need heat to keep their body temperatures warm. Color and fragrance are what's important to attract butterflies. Group a few plants together for maximum impact, a swath of orange milkweed or Mexican sunflowers is easier for them to see and smell.

It's never to soon to start creating an amazing butterfly garden with your eco friendly kids or grandkids.



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